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Common Appraisal Types

Please call one of the numbers below to speak with an appraiser in  your area, or use the online contact form below and we will contact you. 

If we don't answer your call immediately, PLEASE leave a message.  We give each client our full attention which sometimes limits our ability to answer.  When we speak with you, we will extend the same courtesy to you.  Thank you!
San Diego County:
(619) 630-9273
Riverside County: (951) 309-2131
Email: contact@brianward.com
Billing Address:
Brian Ward Appraisal
15877 Paseo Del Sur
San Diego, CA 92127
Please complete the 'Getting Started Online Form' below as completely as possible and we will contact you once we have had time to review your need, the property you need help with, and the available market data. Thank you!

Common Appraisal Types
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Brian Ward Appraisal  |  (888) 844-1733
15877 Paseo Del Sur, San Diego, CA, 92127

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