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Date of Death Appraisal Service

Date of Death Appraisals, also known as retrospective appraisals, are a significant portion of our business. Every week we meet with families who have recently lost loved ones and who need to have appraisals completed to settle their estates, establish future tax bases, and a myriad of other benefits.

Through our vast experience in preparing these appraisal types, we have learned how to prepare appraisals that satisfy IRS requirements at the lowest fees, while not sacrificing the credibility of our appraisals and our clients' ability to reliably and confidently interpret the analysis for their estate planning.

What is the difference between a Date of Death Appraisal and a common mortgage lender appraisal?
In an appraisal for a mortgage, the effective date of the appraisal is the same as the date of the inspection, which is essentially the current date. In a Date of Death Appraisal, the effective date will be some other date in the past, usually on the date when a person has passed away, or sometimes within 6 months of that date. We regularly prepare Date of Death Appraisals with effective dates as little as 1 month in the past, to more than 30 years in the past.

What makes our Date of Death Appraisal service stand apart?

Our extensive experience in preparing these appraisal types has led us to not only prepare the most comprehensive appraisals at competitive pricing, it has also helped us to recognize and interpret historical market data in a way that is unavailable for mortgage appraisals, and most appraisers tend to not consider because they are more accustomed to preparing appraisals for mortgages. This, combined with our stringent appraisal standards, results in the most reliable appraisals available.

How much does a Date of Death Appraisal cost?
We do not charge differently for Date of Death Appraisals and our standard appraisal fees apply. Our 'Consumer Appraisal' is most commonly ordered appraisal service for Date of Death Appraisals, but our 'Standard Appraisal' and 'Drive-By' appraisals are also common. Desktop appraisals do not satisfy IRS requirements, except in the appraisal of vacant land.

Who else may need a retrospective appraisal?
We have prepared appraisals with effective dates in the past for bankruptcy, litigation, divorce / marriage dissolution, and a host of other reasons. While the transferring of an estate is the most common reason for ordering retrospective appraisals, the same principals used for Date of Death Appraisals can be applied to any other historical home or condominium appraisal need.

We are happy to answer any and all questions to assist you in deciding on the best service for your situation, so please complete our online Contact Request Form, email us at, or give us a call at (888) 844-1733 for a free no-pressure consultation.

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